33 Things You May Not Know About Me

01 · I'm an aspiring American historian.

02 · I am the daughter of Cuban immigrants.

03 · My families were originally from Spain, Basque, and France.

04 · I dream unbelievably vivid dreams that I perceive as reality until I wake up.

05 · I am a bibliophile and literature plays a major role in my life.

06 · History is my favorite field of study. I developed a profound curiosity for the past when I was a child.

07 · Autumn is my favorite season, followed by winter.

08 · I adhere to classical liberal principles. This means I favor limited government and civil liberties.

09 · My favorite accessory to wear is a camera around my neck.

10 · I collect books, words, memories, and photographs.

11 · Thomas Jefferson was my favorite Founding Father.

12 · I have never smoked, nor have I used drugs.

13 · I believe in extraterrestrial life.

14 · I do not like to experiment with my hair in terms of color, style, and cut.

15 · I do not believe in the concepts of soulmates, nor love at first sight.

16 · My ideal home is a small flat above an independent bookshop or a small home in the woods near the mountains.

17 · I have one sister, she's less than a year older than me. I would describe our relationship as estranged.

18 · I wish I spoke English with a British accent.

19 · If time machines were real, I'd spend more time time-traveling than world traveling.

20 · I have more scars than I can count.

21 · With the exception of my father, I've never met anyone in my paternal family.

22 · I love European-style pubs and classic American diners.

23 · My favorite school years were 8th, 11th, and 12th grade.

24 · If I were wealthy I'd still live in a normal sized house to have a sense of normality and humility.

25 · I would like to teach abroad someday.

26 · My favorite smells are books, coffee, leather, evergreen, campfires, lemon, pipe tobacco, and cinnamon.

27 · I have little to nothing in common with my family.

28 · I didn't own a personal computer until I was in my early twenties.

29 · I love hot and spicy foods. I do not have a sweet tooth.

30 · I love watching films of the 1990s. They evoke sweet childhood nostalgia.

31 · Someday I hope to move to a small town that's rich in history with plenty of bookshops.

32 · My favorite time is between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

33 · I buy and wear clothes from thrift shops and clearance sections, yet I only buy designer bags.