Charlene Zale is an aspiring historian who resides in Tampa, Florida. She takes delight in reading books, taking photographs, visiting independent bookshops, exploring new places, and drinking tea. She is a History student, a bibliophile, and an old soul. If she were to describe herself she would say that she is passionate, curious, adventurous, eclectic, and just a smidgen awkward. Discovering and learning are among her favorite things. She's a collector of books, words, photographs, and memories.

Books, writing, history, tea, music, photography, art, painting, traveling, mysteries, piano, night, cinema, theatre, liberty, freedom, the outdoors, homemaking, classical liberalism, log cabins, baking, cooking, train rides, autumn, coziness, spicy foods, femininity, calligraphy, nature trails, handwritten letters, ballet, bookshops, coffee shops, winter, classic and timeless fashion, historic districts, meaningful conversation, scented candles, local food, good company, and simplicity.