Hello, readers. My name is Charlene and I'm the woman behind this blog. I currently live in Florida, however, I plan to move to Virginia after I graduate. I often describe myself as an old soul so it's fitting that I'm an aspiring historian. I developed a profound curiosity for the past when I was a little girl. This opened doors for me, one thing led to another and I eventually found myself inquiring about the founding of the United States of America. Early American history has been a passion of mine ever since alongside political history. I also take delight in reading books, taking photographs, visiting independent bookshops, and exploring new places. I'm a bibliophile who takes pride in her home library. I collect books, words, photographs, and memories. If I had to describe myself I would say that I am passionate, curious, and adventurous.

Books, writing, history, traveling, lattes, photography, music, art, painting, old things, homemaking, piano, nighttime, cinema, theatre, liberty, mountains, the outdoors, log cabins, train rides, autumn, winter, coziness, femininity, nature trails, handwritten letters, bookshops, museums, meaningful conversations, cinnamon candles, good company, and simplicity.
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