Library of Congress and Jefferson's Library

September 9th. Lea and I visited the Library of Congress twice during our trip. Our first visit was right after we left our tour of the Capitol and the second visit was a few days later on the 13th. Our first visit wasn't planned, we simply used the tunnel to get to the Library of Congress from the Capitol. We wandered around on our own and got a glimpse of Thomas Jefferson's Library, which was perfect timing since the following day had us exploring Monticello. Because we were too late for the tours that would have given us insight to the building's history and art, we promised that we would come back on another day.

On September 13th we returned to the Library of Congress. We visited the bookshop and gift shop first, where I purchased Gentlemen Scientists and Revolutionaries by Tom Shachtman. During the tour, our guide did point out some interesting facts about the art in the Library of Congress, its founding, and of course Thomas Jefferson's contribution. I have already dedicated a separate article to Thomas Jefferson's books, if you would like to read it you can click here. What I loved most about the art within the library is that everything is there for a reason, every piece of art is an allegory for something, someone, an event that took place in history, an idea, etc. Many symbols were revealed to us, so many in fact that I could barely keep up.

After our tour we decided to register for Reader Identification Cards so we that we could gain access to the Reading Rooms. While we didn't have time to request materials and wait for their retrieval, we still wanted to get the cards knowing that there was a chance we wouldn't use them during this trip. I may return someday and use it for research since I am a student of history. That said, there's also plenty of resources on their website.



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