Two Bookshops in Washington, D.C.

I personally don't believe in exploring a new city without visiting their independent bookshops. There are two bookshops that Lea and I visited during our stay in Washington, D.C. The first one we visited was The Lantern in Georgetown. I did like this bookshop, the owner was friendly and was ready to answer any question we had. This bookshop had two floors and was organized by subject. I was a bit disappointed by their American history selection. By the time we had left Mount Vernon and made our way to Georgetown, we simply didn't have enough time to browse the books here and if I'm to be honest I think that's why I was unable to find a book to bring home with me. We rushed a bit, and we were even late to our tour at Tudor Place which was a few blocks away. Next time I am in Georgetown, I will definitely revisit this bookshop and give it second chance.

The other bookshop we visited was Capitol Hill Books in Capitol Hill. I much preferred this bookshop over the one in Georgetown. There were so many books I wanted to purchase. Just by glancing at the spines I realized that this bookshop was home to many of the books on my reading list; from American history and politics to the literary classics and philosophy. I could spend hours there if I could. I did end up purchasing just one Thomas Jefferson book, only because I had one small carry-on bag and I knew I would also want to buy books at Monticello, the Library of Congress, Colonial Williamsburg, and perhaps other bookshops in Virginia. That being said, if I lived nearby I would have purchased about ten books that day. The selection at this bookshop was richer than The Lantern. Capitol Hill Books also had a second floor with seating and the books were organized by subject. I would recommend this bookshop to every bibliophile who is planning a trip to Washington, D.C.



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