Two Bookshops in Virginia

During our trip, I didn't get to visit as many independent bookshops as I wanted. We were more focused on history and sightseeing. We did, however, manage to visit two books in Virginia a day or two after our visit to the two bookshops in Washington, D.C. One in Charlottesville after we left Monticello and one in Merchants Square during our stay in Colonial Williamsburg.

New Dominion Bookshop in Charlottesville was such a charmer. It was a rather large independent bookshop in the middle of a picturesque outdoor mall. The bookshop was established in 1924 and remains the oldest independent bookseller in the state. New Dominion Bookshop sells both old and newly released books. I purchased Penguin's clothbound edition of Persuasion by Jane Austen. It was gratifying to find an independent bookshop that sold newer books as all the other ones we visited during our trip were bookshops of used books. This bookshop was remarkably clean inside and the bookseller was warm and friendly. Because of their location in Charlottesville, near Monticello, it came as no surprise that this bookshop sold plenty of Thomas Jefferson books, but the genres provided are extensive enough for anyone to find something that they would enjoy reading. If I am ever in Charlottesville again, I will find my way back to this bookshop.

While we were exploring Colonial Williamsburg the next day, perhaps thirty minutes after we arrived, we wandered off to Merchants Square to see the College of William & Mary and to get something to eat. After lunch, we noticed a bookshop sign with an arrow. Naturally, curiosity seized the best of us so we walked down the stairs and discovered the most winsome basement bookshop by the name of Mermaid Books. The bookshop was lovely, though I am sad to say that I didn't purchase a single book from Mermaid Books. I was a bit overwhelmed with the selection, but I also didn't want to spend so much time inside because I wanted to explore Colonial Williamsburg. There were books of all genres, most notably history as I spent most of my time in that corner. I know if I had the chance to return and browse the shelves again, I would walk out with at least five history books. The bookshop is definitely one I'd recommend to anyone who is in the area.



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