Leven Rose Oils

I love oils and I have been using them in my beauty regime for years. I was recently on the hunt for organic cold-pressed oils. I use jojoba or olive oil to remove my makeup and I have used argan oil in the past to moisturize the skin around my eyes. This time I decided to invest in higher quality oils. I first found the ArtNaturals company and I decided to purchase their rosehip oil which I still enjoy using as a moisturizer on my face after I cleanse and exfoliate in the evening. Unfortunately, their selection of oils was limited. I really wanted to try pure oils which were rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids that could fight free radicals. This led me to a company called Leven Rose. They offer many more oils and I really love the principles they stand for. I decided to purchase their red raspberry, carrot seed, blueberry seed, rosehip, and jojoba oil.

Of all the Leven Rose oils, their blueberry seed is my favorite. I think it's the best oil I've ever put on my face and that's saying a lot. Due to the oil being 100% pure and cold-pressed, all the beneficial properties have remained intact, plus the color is a beautiful pale purple-blue and it smells like blueberries. It's lovely! I'm also enjoying their rosehip and I do want to try all of their oils. I have dry eczema-prone skin, especially around my eyes. Oils have always helped, especially in the colder months. These oils are incredible and I'm looking forward to seeing more improvements in my skin with long-term use.

NOVEMBER 2017 UPDATE: The blueberry seed oil really did turn out to be my all-time favorite oil to use around the eczema-prone skin around my eyes. After about three months of use, I haven't had any more dry or flaky patches near my eyes. This will definitely be on my list of favorites for 2017.



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