What's in My Bag + Chloé Drew Mini Review

If you know me, you probably already know how much I love little bags. I currently own five, I know that's a lot, but they're all different colors and styles. I have always gravitated more towards smaller bags as they are much more convenient and carefree. I just don't have that much to carry with me most days.

I purchased the Chloé Drew Mini about two months ago. The color I chose is called "Cement Pink" and it comes with gold hardware. It is more of a light blush beige and it's the perfect color for spring and summer. It is by far my most feminine bag. I really love that it fits all of my daily essentials, including my Kindle Paperwhite which is the next best thing when a bag is too small to fit a book. I believe this will be a timeless bag with its golden chain, round shape, color, and flap style. Before I purchased this bag, I read and watched a lot of reviews in which people compared it to the styles of the 1970s with boho influences. I disagree. I think the style of this bag aligns more with 1920s art deco especially when you consider its size, shape, and the vertical gold hardware in the front. That's just my opinion. I will touch on a couple of negatives about this bag. The first is that the hardware does scratch almost immediately since it is so prominent, but that is to be expected with most bags. The second is that getting in and out of the bag isn't the fastest and it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.

What's in my bag?
Card holder.
iPhone 7.
Lip balm.
Mini mascara.
Fragrance oil.
Feminine products.
Hand sanitizer.
A Little pack of almonds.
Mini hand cream.



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