Hyde Park Village with Jessica

Last weekend Jessica (WonderRiot) and I met up at Hyde Park Village. We had a coffee date, visited the shops, and ate veggie burgers at an old-fashioned diner. I initially wanted to vlog our time together, edit the footage, and publish it on YouTube. What we didn't know was that Hyde Park is currently undergoing construction. The village is such a lovely place to visit, but all the construction made it a not-so-pretty place to film at. When I got home to look at the photographs I took, I realized that I didn't take many. I suppose I was just uninspired to capture anything. Regardless, we had such a great time together and we definitely want to visit again and try to make a vlog together soon. We are also looking into new places to explore together in Florida. So who knows where we may end up next.

If you looked closely at the first photography, you may have noticed that I was able to purchase one of my birthday wish list items: the Chloe Drew Mini in Cement Pink. It's actually more of a blush beige, the leather color, shape, and beautiful chain strap convinced me to get it. It was my first time wearing the bag out. I love it so much! It's feminine, has a timeless design, and comes in gold hardware. Everything I look for in a bag. Within the next few months I do plan to publish a bag review.



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