Exploring Dunedin with Lea + My First Vlog

Last Saturday my friend Lea and I explored Dunedin, I also filmed and edited my very first vlog. I believe this was my third or fourth visit here, but it was her first. I remember once I had told her that Downtown Dunedin reminded me so much of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, that was back when they still had the little independent bookshop. Ever since then she always wanted to visit and we found the perfect opportunity to go. The skies were blue on Saturday and it was a beautiful day. We drank coffee at Sips, which is one of our places for "coffee dates", before we began our little journey to Dunedin. When we arrived we looked around at all the shops, we probably spent the most time browsing the thrift shops. Soon after we began to look for a place to eat. We ate lunch at a place called Cafe Alfresco. Earlier we decided to eat an Irish pub, but we ran into two problems. We were being ignored for far too long and never really got a chance to order, also the place wasn't too vegetarian friendly (I'm the vegetarian, not Lea). After lunch we went to the ice cream parlor to grab a treat and from there we went to visit the other shops which were closer to the water. We have already started planning for future adventures, one will take us all the way to Washington D.C. later on in the year.

The next day, a grey rainy Sunday, I sat in a bookshop for five hours to finish my literature work and put together my first vlog of our trip. It was a lot easier than I had imagined. That said, my vlogging and editing skills have a lot of room for improvement, but I'm quite happy with the way my first one came out. You can find my vlog at the end of this post or at youtube.com/charlenezale.



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