Meeting Jessica

After almost a decade of friendship, Jessica (Wonder Riot Blog) and I finally met in person for the first time yesterday. The crazy part? We live in the same city. We first became friends in 2008 via MySpace. I attended high school with a mutual friend of ours. I believe that was how she stumbled across my profile and discovered we had similar interests, so she sent me a friend request. I'm not going to lie, our friendship has been rocky throughout the years, but I refuse to go into detail because it no longer matters. What I will say is that I am so happy we remained friends, stayed in touched, and finally met. My only regret is that we didn't meet in person sooner. If we had, I think there would have been some incredible memories behind us. The good thing is that I now know that our mutual love of the arts, coffee and tea, trying new foods, photography, and traveling is going to result in plenty of adventures in the future.

I initially thought our meeting would be awkward, but surprisingly it was anything but. We first exchanged gifts in a parking lot (okay, maybe that's a little awkward). I received my second Ravenclaw gift from her, among other lovely picks. We then had brunch over conversation at The Grind, a local coffee shop. From there we decided to head over to Mojo Books & Records since Jessica had never been before. I had to introduce her to that magical place. I did buy a few books (I'll mention them later in my February Book Haul post) and I purchased one American History documentary. She purchased two DVDs, although I still say she should have purchased a Star Wars book. I spent the most time browsing the books in the History, Classics, and Young Adult sections. While she took interest in the Christian and Science Fiction genres. After our purchases we sat in the cafe area to drink lattes and talk some more. I certainly foresee more books and lattes in our future. This was just the beginning.



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