Victorian Christmas at Henry Plant Museum

Last year in December, Lea and I finally visited the Henry B. Plant Museum. Since our visit took place during the festive season, we had the opportunity to attend the 35th annual Victorian Christmas Stoll. It's been described as, "The exploration of the 1891 Tampa Bay Hotel bursting with holiday spirit". The atmosphere was enchanting. We loved every moment. The sound of caroling reached us as we entered the hallway. Our eyes were met with beautiful decorations, plenty of lights, Victorian fashion, antique toys, and history lessons to read. It was indeed an old-fashioned celebration of the holidays. We were even able to eavesdrop on what the hotel guests would have listened to during the 1890s through the receiver of a candlestick telephone. We heard music, famous speeches, and news coverage of the time. At the end of our visit, we sat outside on the veranda to enjoy complimentary apple cider and gingerbread cookies. The view was breathtaking at night. Later we ended up in Harbour Island to eat dinner at a place called Cafe Dufrain. After we ate, stopped at a Starbucks for hot beverages, conversation, and laughs. I cannot wait to see what museums are in store for us in 2017!



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