My New Car | 2017 Volkswagen Passat

A little more than a month ago I purchased my first brand new car. A few years ago, I was convinced I wanted a black Jeep Wrangler, but then I changed my mind because I thought it was impractical, furthermore, it lacked fuel efficiency. I later decided I would get a sedan, a car I could drive joyfully for as long as possible. The decision-making process took a long time. I researched online and watched Youtube videos. I finally had my budget set in 2016 and a short list of requirements. This included a white exterior, black leather seats, Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay, a reverse backup camera, and all the basic features you can find in new cars. I also knew that I didn't want to drive a "cool" or sporty car, nor did I want a keyless ignition. I wanted my car's aesthetic to be simple. As soon as I laid eyes on the 2017 Volkswagen Passat, I knew it was the one.

On December 30th, my mother and I visited two VW dealerships in Tampa. We couldn't reach a deal I was happy with at the first dealership and the salesman wouldn't budge, so we left and went to another. The salesman's price at the second dealership was exactly what we hoped for, plus I was able to get gap insurance. The only thing my car doesn't have is black leather seats. It's the one thing I'm not ecstatic about. I had my heart set on purchasing the Volkswagen Passat SE because it had two of the features I did want: leather seats and Apple CarPlay. However, I learned that all the SE models came equipped with a keyless ignition and a sunroof. Two things I did not want. Because of this I had to go with the base model, which does not come with leather seats or Apple CarPlay. I was still able to get nice black cloth seats, Bluetooth, a reverse backup camera, and a good old-fashioned key ignition. It also saved me a few thousand dollars. Nevertheless, I remain happy with the choice I made. Oh, and my car's name is Arthur.



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