Tampa Bay History Center

Lea and I visited the Tampa Bay History Center this weekend. We had this planned for several weeks. This visitation was a requirement for a history research paper I must write for one of my history classes. The exhibits that were of great interest to me were the ones of European exploration, Ybor City, and Pioneer living. Before our visit, I was unsure what my topic would be. I thought I would choose to write about the Spanish Conquistadors or the cigar industry of Ybor City. Instead, I have decided to research and write about pioneer education and family home.

I can always count on a nice day spent with Lea, it may be because we have a similar inclination and demeanor. Our day began around 10:00 a.m. We drove to Davis Islands to drink lattes at DI Coffee Bar. From there we went straight to the museum, where we spent a few hours exploring all the exhibits. We ate lunch at The Bricks in Ybor City. This was our second visit to this restaurant which I love because they serve plenty of tasty vegetarian options. I ate a vegetarian style "Cuban sandwich" with tortilla chips and black bean dip. After we ate, we explored Ybor City and a few thrifts shops nearby which further intensified my love for vintage dresses, books, and luggage. We browsed the books and gift shop in Oxford Exchange, grabbed coffee yet again at Wawa, visited a few stores at the mall, ate dinner at Whole Foods, purchased a few items for our pets (my cat, her dog) at PetSmart, and shopped at Marshalls.

I have a lot of work ahead of me this semester with twelve more history papers to write between now and early December. I am taking two history classes this semester. As much as I adore reading, writing, and breathing history I have to admit that I am looking forward to having more time to myself in December once this semester is behind me. More time to write about what I want, explore with friends, and leisure reading.



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