July 13, 2016

Five Articles Worth Reading · July 2016

01 · Master of Many Trades "... Monopathy, or over-specialisation, eventually retreats into defending what one has learned rather than making new connections. The initial spurt of learning gives out, and the expert is left, like an animal, merely defending his territory. But the polymath, whatever his or her level or societal status, is not constrained to defend their own turf. The polymath's identity and value comes from multiple mastery."

02 · Palestinian Terrorism and Muslim Hypocrisy: An Open Letter From a Muslim Woman "... Why do we decry all other types of terrorism, but bend over backwards to legitimize violence against Israeli Jews? We hypocritically scream, 'Resistance is not a crime!' Stabbing pregnant women in the stomach is not resistance. Shooting people at a cafe is not resistance. Driving your car into pedestrians is not resistance. Bombing a bus is not resistance. Breaking into a woman's home and murdering her in front of her children is not resistance. And stabbing a little girl to death in the one place where she was supposed to be safe is certainly not resistance. Terrorism is not resistance."

03 · A Scientist's View: Why I'm An Equalist and Not a Feminist "... I'm a scientist but not a feminist. Yes, we could do with more women choosing a career in science and yes, we need more women at the higher levels of management but that doesn't make me a feminist: I'm an 'equalist'. I believe that all scientific outputs should be judged on their content rather than on the fact the author was a female or male scientist. Regardless of gender, ethnicity or any other factor, what matters most is achieving the results by having the best person for the job – male or female."

04 · Get a PhD, But Leave Academia As Soon As You Graduate "... Technology changes so quickly you can't rely on the tangible skills you learn in school anymore. Instead, the most valuable skills are intangible: how you process and present information, work well with others, and learn new things. The fact that there are more PhD candidates than academic jobs isn't necessarily a market failure; it can potentially suit both sides. As a PhD student, for several years you're paid to study something you care about and learn how to think creatively. In return, the university gets cheap teaching labor. That may be a reasonable trade. The failure happens at the end when many skilled, smart people feel trapped in the lowest tier of academia. The process could work better if universities acknowledged the realities, stopped brainwashing students, and did more to prepare them for jobs outside of academia."

05 · Swedish Muslim Fights Anti-Semitism "... Derahkti, director of Young People against Antisemitism and Xenophobia, is considered very unusual in Sweden. 'It is absolutely terrible to be Jew today in Malmö', said the Swedish Muslim. 'Antisemites believe in conspiracy theories that Jews rule the world. I organized pro-Jewish demonstrations and helped protect our cousins. If Jews can't live in Sweden, I feel it's a personal failure.'"


  1. The first article was very good (and the only one I read at the moment) lol.