Mandatory GMO Labeling is Anti-Liberty

Recently the U.S. House passed an act that would ban state laws that force food companies to label their products that contain genetically modified organisms. I can't be the only who is baffled by the many small government advocates who are in support of mandatory GMO labeling in food products. So now we're suddenly in favor of government force? Here's the deal, while I personally believe that it would be wise for companies to provide such labels, especially since an increasing number of consumers demand it, I do not believe they should be forced into it by government.

We do have choices and we do have the right to not buy certain foods with our hard earned money if we feel they do not meet our health standards. It should be noted that there are websites dedicated to providing non-GMO brands to the public, such as livingnongmo.org which lists 30,000+ GMO-free products. Supply and demand, folks. I say we let the free markets take care of it. Yes, people are demanding for their food products to have labels. There voices are being heard. Why not just let companies decide on their own term if or when to provide such labels? Companies generally do what is best, not only for themselves, but also for the consumers if they wish to stay in business.

Perhaps many companies will be chased out of the market if they don't provide labeling via boycotts led by the health conscious. Then again, many may stay in business to supply the consumers who aren't worried about genetically modified foods. This is the beauty of the free market. Thousands of brands have already taken the liberty of labeling their products without government intervention and force. We really should stop transferring our power over to the government. Don't they have enough power already?



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