A Quarter of a Century

Today I became a twenty five year old woman. I spent the first hour of my birthday awake in bed with my mind on overdrive. I was not in a celebratory mood. I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day. A dark cloud decided to take up residency in my brain and I could not remove it. Nevertheless I got on my feet, showered, dressed, and began my day. I asked for very little this year. Gift cards to buy books, oil pastels to dive back into art, and a Burt's Bees kit because I love their products. I wanted to keep it simple.

A few days ago my mother told me that she wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. I didn't want her to know how I was feeling today as to not worry her so I decided to not cancel on her. We went to Mojo Books & Records first. I walked straight to the fantasy genre section without hesitation to see if I could find a used paperback copy of A Storm of Swords at a bargain price. No such luck. We then went to Wesley Chapel to visit my favorite Barnes & Noble. Why is it my favorite, you ask? Because it's the largest Barnes & Noble I've ever been in, plus it has two floors. Jack pot. I wasted no time and put my gift card to use there.

We had dinner at Burger 21. It was my first time there. I ate a chicken parmesan burger with sweet potato fries and I drank a key lime pie milkshake. No complaints there. After we ate we went shopping at different stores. On our drive back home my mother felt the urge to recount the story of my birth. I've listened to the story of how I entered the world so many times that I've lost count. I'll summarize it and you can use your imagination to fill in the rest: "I've never seen your father drive so fast in my life", umbilical cord around my neck, emergency Cesarean section surgery.

Night fell around us and a thunderstorm joined the darkness. The last hours of my birthday were spent at my grandmother's house. I requested not to have a cake several months ago, so I was given a cupcake instead. The birthday song was sung to me, I blew out a single lit candle, and I made a wish that will never come true.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! 25 is a crazy life changing year, at least it was for me.
    Love all of the pictures - especially the Barnes & Noble one.


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