Yesterday in Dunedin

Yesterday I worked from 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I went straight home after work to change out of my work clothes and from there I drove to Dunedin to spend the day with my mother. This is the second time we've been in Downtown Dunedin together. This time around we decided to eat at Broadway Deli & Cafe. I ate a delicious spicy chicken sandwich with pineapple slaw and sweet potato fries. After we ate, I walked over to Back in the Day Books. The bookshop will close its doors in May, it's always sad to see an independent bookshop fail. I was in a book-purchasing mood. Sadly, I couldn't even find a book that I liked or I already owned a copy of the books I did like. I will be back in Dunedin next week so I will most likely go back in to see if they have anything new. Afterward, I walked to Art from the Heart Cafe next door to meet up with my mother. We decided to paint pottery. I chose a large cat to paint and she chose a tiny cat. Once my cat has been in the kiln, it should be grey and white with green eyes to resemble my cat. I look forward to seeing how it turned out. Once we were finished I walked to The Candy Bar and purchased two cupcakes. A vanilla bean one for myself and a cookie dough one for my mother. The last thing I did was walk around for little bit to check out some of the places I wish to visit upon my return, which include a history museum and a Mexican restaurant.



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