25 Reasons Why I Am Not a Feminist

1 | I do not have a persecution complex.

2 | I do not create problems where there are none solely to project the image of being a caring human.

3 | Generalizing all men to be the same is ignorant.

4 | Generalizing all women to have the same needs is benighted.

5 | American women are not victims of their gender anymore than men are victims of theirs.

6 | Modern feminism has an ongoing love affair with political correctness, the corrupter of truth.

7 | Women's rights is exclusive whereas human rights applies to all humans.

8 | Telling successful women who have never faced sexism that they are oppressed is ridiculous.

9 | Sexism is not the cause of all rejection. Men face rejection too. That's life.

10 | I view humans as individuals with unique stories. We don't all fit the feminist narrative.

11 | I believe in equality under the law, not equal outcome.

12 | The third-wave feminist movement in America has been hijacked by man-hating radicals.

13 | My traditional values don't align with feminism.

14 | I honor the homemakers; the stay-at-home mothers and wives.

15 | Most, if not, all of my current problems have nothing to do with me being a woman.

16 | I choose not to ignore the injustices men face in my country. Female privilege does exist.

17 | The gender pay gap is not the result of gender discrimination, rather it's the choices we make.

18 | Misogyny may exist, but so does misandry. So we're back to human rights.

19 | I don't have the energy to be offended by every little thing. I choose my battles carefully.

20 | Modern feminism has an image problem and I just don't want any association.

21 | The feminist movement in America is aligned with left wing politics of which I don't adhere to.

22 | I don't want the future to be female, I want the future to bring an end to identity politics.

23 | Feminists are constantly victimizing and underestimating women. It's not only annoying, it's revolting.

24 | Repeat after me. Special treatment is not equal rights.

25 | I acknowledge the differences between men and women. Neither is better or worse, but they are different.



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