Kindle PaperWhite

I never thought I could love an e-reader, much less be the owner of one. Yet, here I am. I think for a long time I was very much pro physical books and completely anti digital books. I just wanted to support the book makers and the old-fashioned ways of literacy. To be honest, till this day I still view physical books as more aesthetically pleasing, as well as enchanting. My reasons for purchasing an e-reader were as follow: it's lightweight and easy to carry around, the Kindle store offers cheaper books, it provides a more comfortable reading experience, I can purchase and read books instantly, I can read in the dark without the need of another source of light, I can carry many books in a single device, I read faster on an e-reader, it has a built-in dictionary. My Kindle has not left my side since I purchased it a little more than a week ago, it's portable and it fits in all my bags. This may prove to be my most beloved item of 2015.



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