Goodbye Nook, Hello Kindle

Today was a fun day. I ate good food, drank boba tea, and purchased a Paperwhite Kindle! I ate Latin food and drank a green fruit smoothie at the Bodega on Central in St. Petersburg. I definitely want to return. I love the quality of their food and the atmosphere was nice. From there I went to Barnes & Noble. Several days ago I purchased their simple e-reader, the Nook GlowLight. I really wanted to get the Nook so I can support Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon. However I found several problems with the Nook GlowLight as soon as I started reading on it in the comfort of my home. The lights were not spread out evenly on the screen and the page refresh was awful. I did not enjoy the reading experience, but I tried my best to like it since I already had books on the Nook. I think the worst thing about the Nook GlowLight was the design itself. I really tried to look passed it, but I couldn't. It's made with a white rubber type of material, it was a dirt magnet! By day two I already saw stains of dirt that would not come off. This was a no no. Today I returned it and got my money back. I grabbed some boba tea at Ha Long Bay before driving back to Tampa. Once there, I went to Best Buy to purchase the Kindle Paperwhite. It's black, it's sleek, it's perfect. While there, I  also purchased the fourth season of Game of Thrones. I went home and watched two episodes before I fell asleep. A perfect ending.



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