Breakfast, Beach, Beers

Today I spent the entire day with my best friend, Ana. We didn't plan it. Almost everything we do is never planned. Our relationship has always been this way. We are just spontaneous and random, but I like it. She is the only friend I have where it's like this. Since she gave birth to her son last June, today has been one of the few times when it has been just the two of us. It was a rare day. We ate breakfast at Village Inn, then we decided to go to the beach. We decided on Cypress Beach and we stayed there for a few of hours. After we decided to go to The Pub at International Mall. It was our first time there and we loved it! We talked, drank beer, and ate the chicken and chutney flatbread. It was delicious and we want to go back. Pubs are among my favorite places to eat and drink beer.



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