Library and Lunch

Ana and I spent half the day together today, her son joined us of course. We went to Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library in Carrollwood in the morning. It was my first time back to this library in years since I usually go to the one in Town and Country. It's changed. There are carousel animal statues inside the children's book section. It was elegant and inviting. I read several books to my godson and I would like to believe that he enjoyed them even though he could not sit still. When we first arrived, we went to look at the bargain books on sale and we found CDs of the musicians from our childhood. We found that to be rather amusing and random. After we left the library, we went to eat lunch at Stadium Cafe which is right behind the Raymond James Stadium on the other side of town. This cafe serves Spanish food. I ate a Cuban sandwich and Ana ate a Cuban fried burger. She let me taste it and I did not like it one bit so I'm glad I stuck to the good old Cuban sandwich. After we ate, we went home because Ana wasn't feeling too good. I'm just really happy I got to spend some time with two of my favorite humans today. It's the little things that bring joy to my heart.