Wilson's Book World

This weekend I went to Downtown St. Petersburg to grab a bite to eat at The Moon Under Water, a neat little tavern by the water that serves British cuisine (I ate fish and chips). I also visited Wilson's Book World which was nearby. This bookshop sells used books and comics in decent condition at a bargain price. I loved it! There were several rooms dedicated to specific genres. I wish I had taken more photographs, but I only had my iPhone with me. I'm still working on getting a new camera. Anyway, the owner was welcoming, helpful, and friendly. He and I talked for a while about my latest  obsession: Game of Thrones. He even found me a copy of the first book in the series of A Song of Ice and Fire. I really do hope I enjoy the books as much as I enjoy the show. I've heard there are far more characters in the book series and it is difficult to keep up. We'll see!

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